Best Restaurants & Bars in San Juan del Río | Fiesta Americana Hacienda Galindo Resort & Spa
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Restaurants & Bars

Immerse yourself to an authentic culinary experience

At Fiesta Americana Hacienda Galindo Resort & Spa, guests enjoy a dining experience to match the best restaurants in Galindo, México. Along with authentic traditional Mexican fare, Restaurante El Florentino serves enticing international fare both a la carte and buffet style. Visit Karaoke Bar El Caballito to sip cocktails and sing your favorite tunes. Château Galindo Bar is an adults-only  bar where guests gather to enjoy delicious cocktails and appetizers while playing board games or a game of pool. Following a tour of the resort’s vineyard, relax with a wine tasting, lunch or dinner pairing in Château Galindo Cava, our cozy wine cellar. Located poolside, the Pergola Snack Bar serves up tasty hamburgers, hot dogs, sushi, seafood and artisanal pizza, along with a full bar menu.

On Sundays, we offer a truly unique dining experience. The resort’s main patio features Mexican-style stalls offering the traditional cuisine of Galindo, México. In this vibrant market atmosphere, guests can sample specialties like handmade tortillas and more than 50 varieties of fruit, stews, quesadillas, egg dishes and more.

Tables & nice floor design, Restaurant Florentino, La Colección

Restaurante el Florentino


Enjoy a memorable dining experience at El Florentino, where you can savor traditional authentic Mexican cuisine or international fare.

Bar counter with liquor racks, Karaoke Caballito, La Colección

Karaoke Bar el Caballito


Sit back, have a drink, and sing a tune (or two)! Our Karaoke Bar has a song for everyone.

Dining set-up in Chateau Galindo Cava at La Colección Resorts

Wine Cellar Chateâu Hacienda Galindo Resort & Spa


The correct conservation of wine depends on keeping it in stable environmental conditions, mainly temperature and humidity. But the preservation of the wine also depends on direct exposure to light, the presence of strong odors or excessive racking or movement of the bottles. And this is precisely what we do at Hacienda`s Galindo Chateâu Wine Cellar.

Dining area by the pool in Pergola Snack Bar at La Colección

Pergola Snack Bar


Relax by the pool and enjoy snacks, drinks and cocktails. 

Fountain at the entrance of Cafeteria El Rincon at La Colección

Cafetería El Rincón de Don Roberto

Enjoy a variety of aromatic coffees with delicious national and international desserts and pastries

Making pizza using a brick oven at La Colección Resorts

«El Italiano» Restaurant

Right in the middle of Hacienda Galindo Resort & Spa we find this restaurant with a Mediterranean-style atmosphere that induces us to enjoy dishes prepared with care and meticulousness. Its furniture, its decoration, its selection of wines and its atmosphere immediately transport us to la dolce vita, to the most recognized part of Italy. In addition, on its terrace we can enjoy the weather and a spectacular view of the Hacienda's vineyard.

Table set up by a window in La Terraza Le Chateau, La Colección

La Terraza Le Château

Secluded, in a place away from the hustle and bustle, we enter the world of sensations and aromas so particular that they are typical of a vineyard, in la terraza Le Château.

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