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Renew Yourself with the Healing Benefits of Wine 

Grand Fiesta Americana Los Cabos All Inclusive Golf & Spa welcomes guests to experience a spa that is truly one-of-a-kind. As the only spa in Los Cabos and Mexico that incorporates the healing benefits of wine into its treatment, SOMMA Wine Spa features 15 treatment rooms, a fitness center, wet and dry saunas and a juice and wine bar. 

In the caring hands of the Fiesta Americana spa therapists, guests can enjoy treatments that make use of a rich range of fine wines from around the world to transport you to new levels of relaxation and renewal. SOMMA Wine Spa also offers therapies with wines from the Mediterranean region, an area of the world which is the proud home of the most prestigious brands. The qualities of wine contribute to the spa's sophisticated ambiance, the harmony of its surroundings and the peace you breathe when you’re immersed in the present moment. Experience shiatsu with the pleasure of hot rock therapy or the subtlety of a chocolate treatment. 

Somma Wine Spa

The Fiesta Americana spa is impressive and subtly enchanting. Though it's not included in the all-inclusive rate, you may still want to take some time to indulge your body, mind and soul for the ultimate Grand All Inclusive experience.
After a busy day of business or vacation activities, let yourself be pampered in the expert hands of our therapists at the best spa in Los Cabos and Mexico that incorporates the benefits of wine—vinotherapy—to help you relax and beautify your body, the SOMMA WineSPA.

The Baja California region is famous for the production of grapes that mature and attain their maximum quality thanks to the sea breeze and the climate. The spa makes use of a rich range of fine wines, recognized worldwide, and uses these wines to give your body a unique experience in relaxation and renewal.

SOMMA WineSPA also offers treatments with wines from the Mediterranean region, an area of the world which is the proud home of the most prestigious brands. The qualities of wine contribute to the spa's sophisticated ambiance, the harmony of its surroundings, and the peace you breathe when you are immersed in the present moment.

Experience unique sensations on your skin, make your ideal moment and experience shiatsu, the pleasure of hot rock therapy or the subtlety of chocolate. A fusion of vinotherapy with famous methods from around the world that make use of bamboo, olive, and more. Immerse yourself in a natural space, renew and invite a sensation of celestial bliss with the SOMMA WineSPA experience.

Spa Treatments

Barefoot Elegance Experience Dinner

 Pamper yourself with the opportunity of living a truly unique experience where we have carefully taken care of every detail bringing our WineSpa to your table, in a unique setting that will be long remembered by each of your senses and your loved one or close friends

Our Signature Le Vin

The Perfect Fusion: a feeling of well-being through our concept of Chardonnay wine-therapy with relaxing and firming properties with a mixture of various therapeutic techniques; Swedish, digit pressure and "lomi Lomi" among others, providing a deep relaxation and the excellent antioxidant effect offered by the grape.

Sauvignon Swedish

Traditional massage that incorporates a gentle manipulation on the muscles with elongated and firm movements, as well as circular frictions restoring the natural balance of the body combined with the calming properties of Sauvignon Blanc under the perfect fusion of Swedish massage

Chardonnay Deep Tissue

The Chardonnay wine of Baja California, does not close its fermentation process and thus retains its antioxidant, relaxing and firming properties that bind to this therapy focused on manipulating the deeper tissues of the muscle with a much slower and more precise pressure where it include the use of forearm, hand base and pressure digit. It is excellent as rehabilitation therapy and is usually recommended for people who usually take massages frequently benefiting the perfect range of muscle tone

Personalized Merlot al Fango

Allow your stressed, fatigued or dehydrated body with this exquisite botanical mixture highly rich in prolifenoles extracted from fresh grapes from the region under the ancient technique of must (mortar), adding a clay mask with a pairing of Cabernet and Merlot which provides the benefits and ingredients that help to slow the aging of the skin through a massage with relaxing and gentle movements.

Lambrusco Sporting

This exquisite wine very rich in minerals, helps preserve the elasticity of the skin and keep it firm. Protects the collagen and elastin fibers, a wine from Baja California that is incorporated into this massage therapy that combines Swedish, vibration techniques, energetic tapping, muscle and joint stretching, improving and promoting the range of flexibility, reducing inflammation and stimulating the lymphatic system. Significantly improves blood circulation and accelerates recovery.

Magic of India

The ancient Indian tradition considers massage as an essential element to maintain physical and spiritual health, by balancing the harmony between soul and body. Cotton massage oil has been enriched with nutmeg essential oil to improve circulation and energize during the session. Come back to vigor, feel a new light.

Soffio Di Polinesia

The Monoï, a symbol of the Tahitian people, is the perfect combination of two plant elements: the Tiaré flower and the coconut oil, ideal for its moisturizing properties. Monoï massage oil has been enriched with ylang-ylang to stimulate circulation, and due to its intense and floral aroma, it instills calm and relaxation during the massage of firm and elongated movements. The balance returns, its interior breathes.

Hot Stones Massage

An American ancestral art where the heat of volcanic and river stones is used, curatively in specific areas of the body, as well as in the seven main points of the Chakras, dissolving tension in the muscles with an exclusive winetherapy oil Merlot that will leave you a total sense of mental and physical balance. This treatment is not recommended for sunburned skin or during pregnancy.


Shiatsu, of Japanese origin, treats the disease from its origin, activating the healing mechanisms that the body possesses. It is carried out with digit pressure on the meridian points to prevent and treat backaches, contractures, migraines and alterations of the central nervous system, anxiety and insomnia. The "Thai" technique from India, helps to restore body, mental and muscular energy. Feet, hands, elbows and fingers are used, and a series of stretches considered as induced-passive yoga. This therapy is performed on a special surface on the floor and requires light and loose clothing.

Aromatherapy Massage

Stress is erradicated when the senses are stimulated by this unique massage. A drip of 4 different aromatic nectars along the spine as a prelude to amaranth oil-based massage and personalized with the nectar aroma that best suits your taste or mood. Aromas of 4 continents; Stimulating, Relaxing, Detoxifying and Nutrient.

Antique Reflexology

This oriental therapy provides relief to chronic pain and tension. It is carried out by means of the stimulation of the digito-pressure in various points of the feet and hands, which represent the vital organs, muscles and structures of the body. This treatment is highly effective in promoting and maintaining a good state of the immune system.

Four Hands of NB

An unparalleled therapy with exquisite base of Vitamin C Butter. Two therapists perfectly synchronize the various techniques of a deep massage to take you to a state of immense and sublime relaxation.

Hot Springs Royal Wrap

Reborn in beauty, well-being and pleasure through a real hot spring treatment. From the soul of a new revolutionary hot spring lines, the new Thermal natural formula is born. Thanks to its textures, fresh aromas, it is the perfect treatment for him and her, this treatment is the most complete for face and body, totally regenerating and purifying, beautiful textures that delight your senses to the touch, and fragrances that inspire pleasant emotions and memories of streams and the tranquility of the forest. Recommended for all skin types and all ages.

Choco-Coco Wrap

In cocoa, seed native to Yucatan, known for its serotonin content, will lead you to a state of happiness. This is a delicious treatment that begins with a refreshing peel of white chocolate with mint and coconut granules, followed by a cocoa mask, and ends with a moisturizer of the same aroma. This treatment relaxes the body and delights the senses.

Coffee Ritual

Start with a fresh exfoliation that removes dead cells and increases circulation and continues with the application of this wonderful wrap that contains coffee extract and seaweed. To seal the treatment enjoy the application of a delicious and aromatic jasmine lotion or relax with an invigorating massage with essential oils that will renew your spirit.

Samumpray Ritual

Treatment inspired by the Kingdom of Siam and India (Ayurveda). The maneuvers are carried out by therapist's hands and floral bags that enclose inside an original mixture of flowers and cereals that are activated by means of heat. The meridians of the body are stimulated with landslides, pumps and pressures to reduce muscle tension, physical and mental stress, promoting a pleasant state of relaxation. The sensation of pain is relieved, the blood circulation improves and the elimination of toxins is accelerated.

Royal Citrus Ritual

Facial and body ritual thinking to feel a real and citrus experience. The sophistication and overall care of this treatment provide the skin with all the necessary benefits on a day-to-day basis. The active ingredients combined with the manual maneuvers are the perfect combination, such as a real dance for the senses. The result is a face and body remodeled skin, bright and nourished that looks in all its splendor.

Immediate Relief Nenufar Ritual

A repairing ritual for skin with irritation or reddened by the Sun made with extract of nenufar and agents with soothing, antibacterial, antioxidant and moisturizing powers that achieve an immediate recovery of the skin regaining its balance and comfort. Enjoy a wrap with icy sheets that will refresh and relieve excess heat in your body.

Chardonnay Wrap

A detoxifying treatment that removes impurities from the skin and renovante for its Chardonnay grape aromatherapy. The ingredients of Bentonite and Aloe Vera work in combination, removing impurities from the skin and restoring hydration.

Merlot Wrap

An innovation in anti-aging therapies through the potent properties of the active ingredients of the grape. This wrap is ideal for the recovery of skin elasticity and combating premature aging due to continuous exposure to the effects of the sun in daily life. These grape seeds are 7 times more powerful than Vitamin E.

Champagne Wrap

Sophisticatedly playful. The clay, grape seed extract, seaweed and plant extracts are firming and merge with the dew of a fine champagne concentrate to cause the finest firming effect that fights muscle atony. Additional has a free anti-radical effect and skin hydration.

Chardonnay & Sugar Exfoliation

Our sugar scrub is one of the finest. The most delicate sugar is used together with Chardonnay grape extract and Karite butter that nourish and protect the skin, sealing with the Chardonnay body lotion or butter. Your skin will be radiant.

Merlot Exfoliation

Relive your appearance with this invigorating treatment that refines the surface of the skin by exfoliating dead cells, with the excellent benefit of the Merlot grape that will provide antioxidant nutrients to your skin leaving it smooth and with a pleasant aroma.

Crystallized Honey Exfoliation

The innovative dermo-cosmetic formula provides an effective "peeling", without attacking the skin with exquisite pure royal honey, rich in fructose, glucose, minerals and vitamins; regenerates, nourishes and moisturizes superficial and deep skin. Followed by a refreshing lotion rich in trace elements that pulverizes and converts the honey particles into a cream that allows a pleasant massage effect.

Hydro-Wine Facial

Catioderma is a treatment that aims to oxygenate and intensely hydrate the skin. The high concentration of antioxidants that provide the active ingredients of the grape achieves a penetration to the deep layers of the skin, nourishing the cells and significantly improving the hydration, elasticity and smoothness of the skin.

Diamond Experience

The most exclusive ritual and comprehensive age treatment for the most demanding skins. Through Artemia Salina, the ATP infusion (cellular energy) awakens the dormant cells and provides them with a greater source of cellular energy. The direct infusion of marine DNA repairs the damage caused by the environment and contributes to the production of new cells for a young and radiant looking skin. It has an immediate double "lifting" effect and long lasting Bio-regenerator. Reduce expression lines and wrinkles. Maximizes skin hydration and visibly increases firmness and elasticity.

Lightening Experience

Innovative ultra-concentrated treatment that recovers the maximum luminosity to the skin, effectively reducing and lightening the spots and preventing their appearance. A bright cocktail of intelligent molecules, formulated with active ingredients scientifically recognized for their extraordinary properties, to realize the dream of a skin without imperfections.

The Detoxifying Cure

This is a meticulous deep cleaning protocol based on thermoactive enzymatic detoxification: enzymatic heat to open and soften pores and botanical freshness to close and purify them again. This facial includes extractions made with an imperceptible descaling technique. It is highly moisturizing, soothing and revitalizing.

NB to the Cart

Relax while your specialized therapist analyzes your skin's needs and designs a tailored treatment. Based on the fundamentals of classical aesthetics. This treatment will leave your skin perfectly balanced and radiant. Relaxing facial techniques increase the cutaneous receptivity of the applied products in addition to immersing you in a state of absolute care and well-being.

Ceutical Crio-Restorative

This powerful treatment combines reparative ingredients that visibly improve skin congestion (dilated capillaries and redness) thanks to its highly effective phytotherapeutic extracts that soften and soothe the face, reinforcing it to combat hypersensitivity and inflammation conditions. It prevents the degradation of the cutaneous structure, restores the levels of young collagen and protects the skin from external aggressions. A luxury treatment designed to reserve the beauty and health of the skin.

Sonolifting Alternative

Its formulation has high contents of collagen and elastin free amino acids. The presence of ISOFLAVONAS extracted from the Soya leaf and the Iris Florentina flower fight the hormonal deficiencies, characteristic of mature skin. The anti-aging therapy is completed with a detailed facial of lifting effect.

Caviar Facial

The most advanced defense against aging. This excellent anti-aging treatment based on tiny pearls that simulate caviar, contain pearl extract and phyto-marine extracts increasing the oxygenation, elasticity and flexibility of the skin. It also promotes rejuvenation, visibly and dramatically reducing expression lines and facial wrinkles

Sea of Cortes Facial

The deep waters of Baja California allow to produce seaweed rich in minerals and trace elements helping to mineralize and hydrate the skin, an experience taken from the sea to the skin. Nature shares the secrets of beauty.

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