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Relax & Rejuvenate in our Cancun Spa 

Aqua Spa at Live Aqua Beach Resort Cancún is an oasis of tranquility and replenishment. This is a place to immerse and renew yourself. To seek inner peace, find this sensation and experience it through your mind and body. Let your senses renew your soul. Feel. Transform yourself. Recognize the harmony. Free your senses. Channel your emotions to a memorable inner experience. Enter a world where the surreal and the sublime welcome you. Discover your essence while your body renews itself.  

Reviving the body and soul is an experience that only one of the most exclusive spas in Cancún, Aqua Spa can give you. Let us share the philosophy of Aqua Spa. In turn, allow yourself to experience aroma-filled rituals and ceremonies that, through our synergy of therapies, shall renew your soul.  

A fusion of healing traditions from cultures around the world, Aqua Spa features 12 indoor treatment areas and four outdoor treatment areas. Additional amenities include lockers and dressing areas, steam rooms, saunas, inhalotherapy treatments, a Jacuzzi and a temazcal. There is also a spa boutique, a fitness center with Life Fitness and Kinesis equipment and tai chi and yoga sessions. 

Aqua Spa also offers customized packages for groups and individuals.  

Aqua Spa

Spa Subtitle

A fusion of cultures all over the world, Feel Harmony Spa offer a world steeped in sensory delights. 12 treatment areas indoors and 4 outdoors, lockers and dressing area, steam, sauna, inhalotherapy, jacuzzi, temazcal. Spa boutique, workout center with life fitness equipment and kinessis. Tai chi and yoga. 

Hours of Operation

Mon-Fri: 7am - 2pm
Sat & Sun: 7am - 4pm

Call for Appointment

+ 555 555 5555

Spa Treatments

Woman getting massage in a spa at La Coleccion Resorts

Sewedish massage

A classical massage that combines soft muscle manipulation with the use of select oils.

Oil medicines in jars in a spa at La Coleccion Resorts

Morocco Lights

The Argan tree grows in the valleys of Morocco, defying the laws of the desert.

Woman getting back massage in a spa at La Coleccion Resorts

Indian Magic

The ancient traditions of India consider massages essential to maintaining physical and spiritual health, since they balance the harmony between soul and body.

Australian Breathing

Linked to the earth, to animals and to plants. Employed in "rituals" to traverse the phases of creation, it is also used on an everyday basis for therapeutic purposes to enhance the relaxation of both body and soul. 

Soffio de Polinesia

Monoi, symbol of the Tahitian people, is the perfect blend of two vegetable elements

Sensations masage

The power of hands-on healing embraces a mystery that takes on real dimensions. 

Mayan secret

From the beginning of time, many cultures used the therapeutic power of stones for healing purposes and to restore spiritual balance.


An Oriental therapy in which finger pressure is applied to certain points located along the body's meridians.


A traditional Thai therapy. It helps to relieve tension and muscle pain, applying soft movements with hot compresses that contain exotic herbs


An Ayurvedic therapy, which consists in stimulating the brow chakra—known as the Third Eye

Exfoliation Aqua...

A delightful exfoliator that will help you recover the luxuriance and softness of your skin, and which has an energizing and activating effect on the bloodstream.

Coffee Exfoliation

This treatment starts off with a fresh exfoliation that removes dead cells and increases circulation, and continues with the application of this wonderful wrap that contains coffee and seaweed extracts.

Cacao Wrap

“Cacao”, a traditional seed from the Yucatán Peninsula, has been known for years to promote the feeling of happiness, owing to its serotonin content. It is the ultimate anti-stress, anti-depression secret.

Olive Wrap

A unique and effective body treatment that includes a red mud face mask. 

Avocado Wrap

This traditional remedy was originally used by Mayan natives, who are ancient connoisseurs of the extensive properties of the avocado. 

Rice Wrap

A sensuous experience to be enjoyed. This ancient recipe was used by Geishas in their beauty rituals.

Regenerating Envelope

A purifying and regenerating thermal ritual to restore and brighten the skin in an unbelievably natural way. 

Vinegar Wrap

A true and real beauty elixir for the skin. 

Deep Sea Fango Massage

Receive a soft massage with a sea extract and then let your body be wrapped in a paste of sea crystals and sea mud. 

Diamond Facial Experience

More than 30 active botanical ingredients, one dramatic result. 

Inhibit Expression Lines

The first anti-wrinkle treatment formulated with the ingredient Octamioxyl

Moisturizing Facial

This is the ideal treatment for extra dry and dehydrated skin. 

Pumpkin Repair Face Mask

A regenerating treatment that utilizes the virtues of the pumpkin to provide your skin with the perfect balance that it requires.

Mini Facial

Water comes from the earth and the soul is birthed by water. 

Sensitive Skin Facial

This powerful treatment combines comforting healing ingredients, providing capillary dilation and congestion with visual benefits. 

Floating in a Dream State

Imagine that you regress to the maternal womb where, for an hour or so, there is no gravity in your body. 

Flower Petal Bath

Make this moment your very own. Instants of relaxation and well-being, in addition to rose and orchid petals

Gold Bath

Let yourself be embraced in this treatment by the magic of gold.

Milk Bath

An ancient beauty treatment used by Cleopatra, whose beauty confirms its benefits. 

Aromavedic Baths

The perfect combination of the science of Ayurveda, in which we provide a bath depending on the Dosha of each person. 

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