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Woman getting a massage in a spa at Live Aqua Beach Resort
Two spa beds in the spa room at La Colección Resorts
Salon studio in spa at Live Aqua Beach Resort Punta Cana
Indoor pool with a narrow sky view at La Colección Resorts
Lady getting a back massage in a Spa at La Colección Resorts


Best Spa Experience in Punta Cana 

Find the perfect balance between body and mind and look and feel your best during your stay in Punta Cana. At Feel Harmony Spa by Live Aqua, you can revitalize and inspire your body in the fully-equipped fitness room at the spa. Or, calm your body down and renew your spirit when you visit our state-of-the-art spa offering personalized treatments, saunas, massages and other revitalizing services. Make our spa in Punta Cana your own oasis of peace, where harmony subtly envelops you. Come find yourself and enrich your inner world in one of our 11 massage cabins, our pool, the sauna, or the steam room.   

Enjoy an experience that will captivate you with the best of everything at Live Aqua Beach Resort Punta Cana, the only “sensory  Feel Harmony Spa by Spa Live Aqua resort” in Punta Cana.  


Indoor pool in Feel Spa at Live Aqua Beach Resort Punta Cana

Feel Harmony Spa By Live Aqua

Live the perfect balance between body and mind, visit the latest generation  Feel Harmony Spa by Spa Live Aqua and discover the cabins with personalized treatments, sauna, jacuzzi, massages, among other services that renew your spirit. Enjoy a subtle experience and take a break in a heavenly space that you will love.

Spa Treatments

The Skin Comfort

Restore comfort to your skin with an exclusive combination botanical ingredients designed to soothe the skin sensitized. This facial is the answer ideal for recovering sensitive, reactive or with rosacea problems.

Sensation Fusions

The healing power of our hand achieves real dimensions: it creates a feeling of well-being and pleasure through aromatherapy. It also combines ancient healing techniques for body and soul like Swedish, Acupressure and Lomi Lomi massages. Feel beyond reality

Aromatic Candles

Enjoy a unique experience of total relaxation with soy wax, natural oils and essences. Nature provides this candle with protective, nourishing and moisturizing properties, once melted provides us a warm oil will capture your attention and will sharpen your senses.

Royal Citrus Ritual

Infuse face and body skin with intense hydration firming vitamin C. This ritual includes a wrap Mandarin-based scrub with facial softener and antioxidant. The protocol is completed with the application of a luxurious body lotion.

Royal Oxygen Ritual

Oxygenate your skin with an intensely hydrating ritual and detoxifying for face and body with which you will restore your inner balance.

Hot Stone

Heat has long been used to ease muscle, reduces stress, promotes deep relaxation and sleep.

Four Hands

The curing power of touch is an ancient mystery as old as the treatment itself.

Lymphatic Drainage

The light movements of these healthy massages aim to keep the lymphatic system in good condition, eliminating toxins, decrease fluid retention, helping the body's defenses, fighting diseases and conditions such as cellulite.

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